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Mobile Survey

Mobile Survey

FastHub has the best and simplest real-time feedback-rendering platform that uses SMS, USSD and Whatsapp API based tools supported by feature and smartphone users helping businesses gain insight from their customers in real-time.

Each survey is conducted by simple and complex questionnaires or quizzes with a couple of questions that allow any mobile users to give real-time structured feedback to any business, enterprise or organization directly from their phones.

The system will send a wustion and the client will respond from wherever they are at their convenience. The client may have openly shared questions or multiple choice based questions which the system will allocate easily.

Our Unique Mobile Survey Features:
✓ Ability to collect Qualitative and quantitative feedback and insights of service quality, market position and pricing.
✓ Efficient means of collection of data
✓ Real time responses between the client and system
✓ convenience based mobile survey, 24 hours available for the client to participate

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