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When we look at the shift in health and fitness in Tanzania, it can't go without saying that more people have become more attentive to their health. More people are concerned about how they feel and how they look. Over the past 4 years we have seen an increase in fitness based events such as marathons where people are able to unite for fitness and fun.

Businesses use it as a platform to gain an audience while corporations use it for networking and a way to have fun attached to something bigger than themselves. But at the same time, marathons have become the ideal unit to raise funds for various initiatives than traditional means we have seen in the past.

From a technological standpoint, we decided to build a marathon platform that would facilitate online registrations of these thousands of people who go out for a run every month. This is! is an online registration portal accessible via web and application where runners can choose the marathon they want to participate in; they then choose their most preferred kilometers, make payment and get reminder notifications as the marathon approaches. Everything is done online, saving the runner time and money!

Marathon organizers on the other hand are able to onboard their marathon. By doing so they are able to leverage our marketing efforts in the database of over 2670 runners. For reconciliation purposes, they are awarded a partners portal where they can monitor every registeration and transaction for their dedicated marathon. The platform is there to bring upcoming marathon events to users' fingertips.

Through we want to achieve a seamless experience for all marathon stakeholders.For the first time Tanzania has one universal platform where stakeholders can access all their favorite marathons from anywhere in Tanzania.They can complete registrations and make payments in real time!

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