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Simplifying payments and telecommunication services for the African ecosystem!

Who we are

We are a fintech and a Telecommunication Service Provider company with a core focus on simplifying telecommunications & mobile payments through the provision of end-to-end transactional and solution-based products to various enterprises leveraging the existence of smartphones and featured phones.

Our mission is to provide and build unique solutions for Africa. We also prepare African technologists for africa. With a large market saturated with foreign technologists, our aim is to scale trust within the Tanzanian market and birth unmatched solutions by africans. Our team has been assembled by now tech experts after completing tertiary education qualifications and joining our healthy learning environment; We cater for their growth, our company growth and the growth of Tanzania. By doing so, we have infused skills, experience and development for Tanzania.

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Our Journey

Fasthub started in our first family house early in 2016. It was one of those scary paths to take since the ideal and most sensible thing to do for a young man like myself was to secure a job and ensure the family has its needs.

But everyday felt like a drag. I dragged myself to get things done at work for months. This is not to say I didn't get the job done. I was good and I delivered everyday what was needed of me and more.I wanted something bigger than me and most importantly I wanted something reliable and with absolute assurance in every angle of Africa and the globe. I didn't have that. But one day I confronted this desire and the entrepreneur in me and the technology skills I gained were the perfect match. I then decided to start Fastshub. At the time it wasnt Fasthub,

It felt like a consulting business where I would work on numerous projects without a specific roadmap but all I knew I wanted to do was tech.

Months later I fell on simplifying! When we think of technology it feels like a complex galaxy of codes and it jaguars that only a chosen group of people understand. But how about we simplify that. I wanted to simplify technology for people, to make it easy for them to give and communicate with people. But the niche was business owners from Banks, Ngo;s FMCG’s, SME’s and others.

I wanted Fasthub to be the place where we guaranteed customers and businesses of technology solutions. For me when I started I didn't necessarily want to create a new thing but rather create something reliable with creativity and 100% functionability.

This is why we have FastHub today. Our people are on the same mission and we are determined to create quality everlasting work.

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Meet our team!

Our team at Fasthub comprises different departments with each department playing a vital role in achieving the vision and mission of the company.

The technical team that is the core and the mother of our business is by far a team of enthusiastic young men that overly commit and deliver the best quality of work. They ensure our systems work seamlessly throughout the year using new technology and innovation to achieve every challenge set in front of them.

After systems are built and sustained our sales team are the hungry go-getters that haunt business and allow new projects to take place.

Our marketing team allows us to be seen and remain vibrantly existing through advertising, partnerships, and community service alongside researchers identifying solutions that work and will work for the Tanzanian and African markets and persist with everlasting satisfaction to thrive in a competitive market.

How does a company exist with a legal head to ensure everything is done according to the rule book? That can’t be us. Our compliance team, with a naked eye, will ensure that terms of agreements and all new and existing regulations are adopted and used in accordance with the law. And finally our Finance team, almost the backbone of the business ensures the business operates smoothly with sufficient furnishing of resources, and salaries paid on time but to you our client, you get everything from invoices, receipts, and even discounts.

Our Guarantee

The unshakeable focus remains in providing Enterprise Standard solutions to companies with the assurance of Top Notch 24/7 customer service & support. All this is attained via:

Dedicated key account management
Adaptability through customization of specific customers’ requirements.
Always delivering well-tested, reliable, and real-time transactional and solutions products.


Our Recent Projects

We simplify telecommunication services and every project we tackle challenges our clients and their stakeholders undergo when they thirst to communicate. These are a few ways we have resolved some of our customers' challenges.

Our Clients & Partner

FastHub Solutions focuses on simplifying telecommunication & mobile money services through products, provision of mobile solutions to companies, leveraging the existence of feature and smart phones. We provide services that are concerned with financial technology(fintech), aggregation, data collection, information dissemination, survey, information on demand and lots more.

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What Do they say

Our customers are the company and how they feel about our business and services rendered to them is by far the most important thing. Our desire is that every customer that acquires our services experiences the greatest satisfaction. They come with problems and leave with solutions.

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Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
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